Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cabin Fever Patient Zero Review

One of my personal favorite movies is “Cabin Fever”, and while I say that, I do not mean that the sequels are my favorite. In fact, this is a hard one to watch at times. The beginning of this movie made me want to sleep, and it was just a hard one to start with. The second film in the series at least gave me hope as Rider Strong was in it, and that is something well worth investing time into. However, aside from that cameo, I didn’t find the second film to be grand. This one however, is a far cry from the original with a few exceptions here and there.

Sean Astin is by far the best part of this movie. He plays Porter, a man who is trapped in quarantine because of a medical experiment gone wrong. He drives the main plot of getting the virus that infects the people in the movies. He wants to get out of his quarantine and devises a plan to get out by attacking the nurses and doctors. Meanwhile a bunch of young adults are headed to a remote island for sex, drugs, and sex. The group end up stumbling on the medical facility, and through swimming in the water contract the disease.

The movie itself is filmed with shoulder cams or something because it’s really shaky at times, especially when it shouldn’t be shaky. There’s an obvious lack of depth here, but you kind of let it go to watch what happens. Through the midpoint of the film you’ve either invested in the story enough to watch it to the end or you have given up. I found myself pushing through because I knew I wanted to review it for the site.

The best part is the gore that comes through the infection as it’s far worse than the original film. The latex and gore effects are tremendous here and that’s what really sold me on the movie. The story line is lackluster, but the effects are not all CG, which I really appreciated. There was a lot of blood spilled through the movement in the second and third acts. As Astin’s character escapes and nearly dies thanks to a rogue scientist, we get treated to a cycle of violence on a boat that encapsulates the whole series quite nicely.

At the end of the day, this is not an iconic film. “Cabin Fever Patient Zero” is a laughable sequel, but it’s better than the second to me, at least for the tying up of the backdrop of the virus. That being said, it’s not as good as the original, and it shouldn’t be expected to be as good, right? I wouldn’t recommend this one to everyone, but if you liked the original, you might as well invest in it for your collection to have the trilogy together. If you’re going to buy “Cabin Fever” go blu ray, and get it here. Otherwise, watch it on streaming or at a friend’s house. I don’t know.

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