Friday, July 30, 2010

From the Mail Bag End of July 2010 Edition

With the end of July comes another set of comments from you, the fine readers. Despite my constant requests for you to comment, for me to visit your sites, and much more, I still seem to not be getting anywhere. I wish I had a few extra bucks to throw more contests and what not, but alas, I'm still broke and barely making it right now.

Anonymous replied to my Zombieland Review:

hell yeah

I hear ya loud and clear.

iZombie left this comment on my post about the "Black Devil Doll Bobblehead":

Welcome to Horror Blogger Alliance [HBA] I am just stopping by to say hello, "Hello", I am the unofficial "Welcome Wagon"... great things await you here at the club...

Stop by to my zombie blog, walk around, get infected...

Jeremy [iZombie]

Jeremy, thanks! And thank you for the nice welcome wagon to the Horror Blogger Alliance. I've been trying to get into an alliance of horror bloggers for a while now but people aren't so welcoming. Furthermore, I've tried to get in good with the League of Tana Tea Drinkers and they continually ignore me. I'm beginning to think I'm the black sheep of horror movie bloggers. At least the L.A.M.B still likes me.

Thanks again, you have a cool site; I love zombies.

Trick or Treat Pete said in regards to my "The Final Review":

Sigh...think I will pass on this and watch Elephant again instead, which if you have not seen yet, I highly recommend.
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

Yes, pass on it. Unless you absolutely love punishment and torture. There are some shades of brilliance, but they are just that; shades.

That is the end of the month comments for this month. Thanks again for all the comments and thanks for those that continue to read and comment on this petty blog of mine. I'm trying hard to continue, even with a limited line up of films to review and no money to speak of.

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