Friday, October 29, 2010

End of the Month Deathtoll End of October 2010 Edition

We are nearing 500 posts on this blog, and that's a triumph for me. I almost quit writing altogether a few years ago, but have somehow mustered up enough to keep writing horror movie reviews 3 days a week. Thank you kind readers, and those that comment.

First and foremost, I have created an ARCHIVAL LIST of EVERY SCARY FILM reviewed. You can click HERE to find it.

Every month I post a look back at the reviews, and here is this month's list:

Whatcha Gonna Que? Halloween Episode
End of the Month Mail Bag End of October 2010 Edit...
Stigmata Review
Christine Review
REWIND: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Reve...
Hannibal Review
The Silence of the Lambs Review
Hellphone Trailer
From the Mailbag Mid October 2010 Edition
REWIND: Planet Terror Review
REWIND: Ice Spiders Review
The Stuff Review
Scream 3 Review
Scream 2 Review

This weekend, I'm going to be seeing Saw 3D and will review it for the first of November on this site. So watch out for that. I'm glad to see the Saw series finally coming to an end, but am NOT a huge fan of 3d movies. I saved for months to get to go see this film in theaters, since I still have no job. Enjoy the archives for now...I'm off to sleep or something.

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