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Leatherface (2017) Review

Leatherface (2017) Review

Buckle up, because we’re slicing into the grisly world of “Leatherface” (2017). As a hardcore enthusiast of the genre, you know that when it comes to chainsaw-wielding maniacs, few can hold a candle to the infamous Leatherface. So, let's dive into this raw and rugged prequel to the iconic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” series and see if it lives up to the bloody legacy!

Plot and Atmosphere

Set before the events of the original 1974 classic, “Leatherface” takes us on a dark journey, exploring the origins of the titular character. We're not in the typical haunted house or foggy cemetery; no, we’re thrown into the dusty and desolate backroads of Texas. The story follows a young Jed Sawyer, who after a series of tragic events, is sent to a mental institution. Years later, a violent breakout leads him on a path of mayhem and gore, shaping him into the Leatherface we all love to fear.

Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury don't skimp on the ambiance. They paint a picture of rural decay and moral emptiness, setting the perfect stage for a horror show. The grim tone and visceral violence are not for the faint of heart – but then again, neither are you!

Performances and Cinematography

The cast delivers performances as raw as the film’s aesthetics. Newcomer Sam Strike portrays the young Leatherface with a disturbing blend of innocence and burgeoning madness. His transition from troubled teen to the chainsaw-toting titan is both unsettling and captivating. The supporting cast, including Stephen Dorff and Lili Taylor, add depth and darkness to this twisted tale, making every character memorable in their own right.

Visually, “Leatherface” doesn't hold back. The cinematography is a gritty spectacle, with each frame oozing dread and despair. The directors masterfully use shadows and light to amplify the horror, making you feel the heat of the Texas sun and the chill of the approaching doom.

Gore and Grind

Let’s get to the meat of it – the gore. This film delivers it in spades. It's visceral, unapologetic, and downright brutal. Every slash of the chainsaw, every scream, feels raw and real. But it's not just gore for gore's sake; it serves the story, illustrating Leatherface's descent into darkness.

“Leatherface” (2017) is a bloody, brutal ride that digs into the roots of a horror icon. It’s a must-watch for those who crave the thrill of the chase and the chill of the chainsaw. If you're a true horror hound, this film deserves a spot in your Blu-ray collection. Don’t just take my word for it – grab your copy, turn down the lights, and prepare for a night of terror. You can thank me later – if you make it through the night, that is!

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