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Midsommar Review

Midsommar Review

I didn’t catch up to Midsommar until recently. I was definitely not sure what to expect, but I kept getting told that it was up my alley. I finally sat down, and was a little intimidated because the run time is longer than the average horror film. The first thing I noticed about the movie was how well it looked. It is bright, full of life, and has an interesting backdrop overall. I loved the scenery, and the cinematography off the bat was good. It took a little bit to get to the locales but it was worth the wait as it really did showcase a great deal of beauty. I love a well shot film, and this one was well shot from the start.

The plot starts simple enough, a group of students go to Sweden after the death of the main character’s family. They go to there with the premise of studying a festival that only occurs every 90 years. Upon seeing some of the things going on, a sinister plot brews, and they see themselves trapped in a cult’s arms. The plot thickens slowly, and things really get out of hand as some of them start to get killed before they could leave. As the body count rises, things get out of hand, and our main heroine is placed as a queen, meanwhile her boyfriend is used to breed a child, and things just keep getting nuts.

Visually this movie is superior to a lot of movies in the horror genre. The cult is sensationalized, and really well done throughout, with some very interesting moments. The acting from Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, and the rest hits hard, especially when things start to go awry in the cult and people start getting killed. Even the sex scene is shot with immense attention to detail, and the horrors therein are shown with a sinister spin.

Midsommar hits you in the head really hard a few times, and shows you some extremes in terms of cult behavior. It also shines light on the horrors of outsiders coming into a new locale. I’m not saying that all communities are going to gut you, but this one certainly did. The movie is long, but it unravels into a sinister story if you stick with it. There is a lot to unravel with this one, but I don’t want to spoil things for you, but rather am going to tell you to see it. There’s some hard moments, and a bit of gore, but the majority of the film is shot with cinematography in mind and detailed throughout. It will leave you unsettled, especially towards the end, as it really is a movie with dread and obscenity in mind. It’s presented in a good visual, and wow, I was impressed. I recommend owning this one.

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