Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Haunted Casino

A young man inherits a run-down casino from a distant relative and brings a few of his friends along to check it out. Unfortunately earlier employees of the casino have been killed by the relative and they now haunt the casino as ghosts, eager to get their revenge on the new owner. The story is like any other badly though out horror story, with no big surprises and a very predictable ending.

The story line is extremely vague about why the ghosts haunt the casino and what can be done to stop them. It is very unclear if the motive for the killings are to get silver stored away by the relative who previously ran the casino or if it is about the revenge. To be honest the silver motive doesn’t make much sense as Ghosts wouldn’t really need silver.

The backgrounds of the characters are also lacking a lot in credibility. A guy inherits a casino from a family member he does not know and has never met or heard about, because he is the next of kin. There is no mentioning of any other family members or what has happened to them. Obviously these things make the plot work but it just shows Brand’s lack of ability in creating believable characters. On the other hand he is still great at creating indecent jokes and senseless violence.

The last thing to mention about this movie is that it should maybe have raised the alarm bells when a movie is market under three different titles; Dead Man's Hand, Casino of the Damned and in the end Haunted Casino. I guess you get what you can expect from Full Moon. A horror movie specked with cheesy lines, bad acting and a predictable story line.

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