Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Horror Novelists You That Will Keep You Up At Night

Horror Books
The Horror Novelists Worth Checking Out Today

Whether you are reading traditional format books or you have an electronic device that you can scroll through, you most likely can appreciate a good horror novel. A lot of the movies that are revered, as the greatest scary films of all time have been first created by someone with a literary dynamic first, than converted to the visual medium. When speaking on this subject several names come to mind, but which ones are going to give you the most bang for your proverbial buck? The following 5 horror novelists you want to read today is just a quick write up of names that came to mind this morning while drinking my morning coffee.

5. H.P. Lovecraft

Despite the fact that he was deathly afraid of women, this guy can creep you completely out with some of the most lingering and slow burning horror elements known to writing. He creates a very educated sprawl of weird and horrific moments and at times does so in a very short and condensed manner. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your spine tingles, and your mind starts playing tricks on you. The absorbing writer is seen as one of the greatest of all time. Suggested reading: The Call of Cthulhu (buy it here)

4. David Wong

Some might find this guy to be annoying, but he makes horror fun with a very cool and interesting way of describing certain matters. Much like my sense of humor, Wong creates a tapestry of references that you would only make with your friends or to your cats. I for one talk to my cat friends as they look at me appalled. Sometimes I tell my girlfriend and she just looks at me appalled too. I guess you just can’t win, unless you’re writing horror novels. I wish I had more time. Suggested reading: John Dies At The End (buy it here)

3. Clive Barker

Someone once told me that Clive Barker was a poor man’s Stephen King, and they couldn’t have been more wrong. Barker creates a world rich with an aural sin element that is almost like eating fried chicken when you’ve got a heart condition. His way of creating madness and chaos into a sensual feast is really something to behold. While all his books aren’t as nightmare filled as other novelists, he can sure take something as simple as taking a nap and turn it into an insane asylum within a few hundred pages. Suggested reading: Books of Blood (buy it here)

2. John Saul

John Saul is one of those writers that has been churning away stories of pure evil and while he has garnered a great bit of success, you probably haven’t heard of him. He has created a lengthy list of thrillers and horror novels that deal with a variety of human and supernatural elements all the same. He continues to build upon his success, jumping into the comic book world with “The God Project” but his novels have been bestsellers for many years now, and there’s something about the way he writes that will have you believing that things aren’t what they seem in your neck of the woods. Suggested reading: Sleep Walk (buy it here)

1. Stephen King

Did you really think I’d pick someone else? The king of horror novels (pun intended) once said he was the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries. Sure he may be an easy pick for the #1 spot and some might argue that he’s overrated, but with a legion of fans, and books that sell out their first printings within hours of being released, you gotta give the guy some credit. He might be a little longwinded in his story telling, but time and time again he brings out the horror with the greatest of ease. Suggested reading: The Stand (buy it here)

If you love horror movies, than it is an easy transition to move to reading horror novels. The aforementioned authors are just a handful of the best that you’ll find when you’re exploring the bookshelves that are left in your town. If you are going to shop online for any of the books mentioned above or for just about anything else, check out the selection online through amazon, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

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