Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Proactive Approaches

I declined an offer to turn this whole site into an eBook and shut down.

I can't afford to pay writers $50 - $500 per post. I'm sorry. An Indian company offered to write posts for $0.50 x 500 words. I declined that too.

When I was a teenager, I wrote for a magazine. It was a paper zine, and I didn't get paid. I created a body of work that would become Scary Film Review years later. I did it for free. I had a passion for writing to the point that I'd do it for free.

I still do it for free.

So with that in mind, I'm going to be writing a storm and posting after I finish. That means the updates will be slow, and then it will start to hit daily for months on end. When you have a passion for something, it's hard to expect others to have that same passion.

My attempts at hiring writers for this site and others has failed. I'm completely appalled by some of the responses that feel that life owes them something. If this is the generation that is set to lead us later, we are all doomed.

So until My next update, read the archives, there's 800 posts. You're bound to like one.

I just want to say one last thing before I add more stuff to the site.

If you do something for free long enough, someone will eventually pay you. I wrote for free, 10 years straight, and now get paid to do so. If the money dried up, and no one paid me. I'd still write. I don't believe anyone owes me anything. I'll write for free, pay, or a ham sandwich.

I'm sorry if I come across negatively, but I'm tired of seeing responses from people that do not write without pay. To quote Garth, "It's like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that's just really sad."

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