Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Angst (2010) Review

Sometimes the scariest things in life aren’t supernatural in nature, and they aren’t necessarily the boogie man waiting to jump and astonish your senses in a frenetic way. Sometimes it’s the real things in life that compel you to grow nervous, uneasy and fill your mind with the fear that drives you insane. That is the true nature of fear and something that has always driven this site from the inception. It’s with that in mind that upon viewing The Angst, a short film by Naga Kataru from 2010 that is so compelling and interesting.

What you get is a short about the panic, worry, and trepidation that follows many women as they take a pregnancy test. So much is said with silence that you can fill a great deal of thought, and emotion by simply viewing this short film. I for one thought it was interesting, to the point and better than most of the tripe that I have to review for this website. It’s funny how something so simple can resonate so much with you upon first glance.

While I didn’t think that the production was all that great, it still had enough gusto and talent to draw me into something brand new. Even jaded eyes will appreciate this very real, and somewhat scary short film.

Check out Naga Kataru’s imdb page here, and view the short below, you too may agree with my sentiments.

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