Monday, July 22, 2013

A Return To Form

As you may or not know, I have been somewhat absent from the world of Scary Film. I have been going through a lot in my personal life, mainly in the way that I make my living. I’m a professional writer and freelancer and have been going through struggles that most people go through. This site has been a savior at times, making me money from a variety of different things and has yet to come through with a good amount of promotional consideration. No one seems to want to buy anything, no one is subscribing and only a few people are commenting.

I had to return to my roots, why did I even do this, do I even like horror anymore? What was I thinking starting this site? This site has lasted more than my first marriage, and will most likely outlive me, if I can just get myself to watch something horror related. The real world is so much more horrific, where a thug is praised and marched for, and innocent children are killed for no apparent reason. Where children die from eating spoiled lunches, and no news coverage seems to talk about them or what it is that their needs are.

I’m sick of Los Angeles, and it’s pretense, expensive housing, and the fact that NO ONE comes over when you invite them. We sat at the house with an influx of food items and expectations that our so called friends would show up and instead, we get nothing. No one came, no one called, no one cared. So you know what, I’m going to create something for myself like I always have.

In the past I created my own record label and road that to another life. I then marched out of Los Angeles and made a case for who I am in another city, and right now, I am doing it again. I will be starting a literary magazine soon, and will publish works and put out an effort to make profit in a world that people often times miss out on. We will start free and build our way up, until we can say fuck you to Los Angeles and the rest of the idiots that say they are friends and then leave us out to dry.

This rant of course serves as a wakeup call, because I’m back, and I’m going to be reviewing everything and anything in the Scary Film fashion that you’ve come to love. So wake up and take notes, drop me a line, and let’s build something together that is not going to simply die because I’m depressed or because you have found that Facebook is more fun than this.

And for God’s sake do me a favor and visit Amazon through the links and bookmark it, and BUY SOMETHING, I need the money.

Your pal Sir Jorge of Culver the one that started this bullshit site to begin with!

Let’s do it!

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