Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertise on Scary Film Review

For quite some time now, Scary Film Review has been accepting offers for advertising, editorial reviews, and much more. The offers are usually accepted on a private email basis, and are scrutinized heavily. Well, we are opening up the gates for more advertising. Scary Film Review will now open up advertising opportunities to anyone that needs to advertise their website, promotional goods and more.

There are several options to explore in regards to advertising here on this site.

The following are options:

1. Text Link – You can have a text link pointed to your site from the home page. Currently we are a page rank 4/10 website, and it falters from time to time, but we continually strive to provide editorial updates and reviews weekly to ensure that the numbers remain high. This link type can be purchased in 30 days, 3 months (roughly 90 days), 6 months (180 days), and 1-year increments. Email for pricing.

2. Banner Ads – If you want to place banner ads on the site, we can do that at a price. The price is a monthly charge, much like text links are, and can be discussed within budget via email.

3. Editorial Reviews – You can purchase reviews for your dvd, movie, television show, movie trailer or just about anything you could think of. If you are promoting a horror movie, you will not necessarily be promised a “good” review or positive rating, however, you will get a fair chance. Most often I review movies for free and will continue to do so, but if you are looking for promotional consideration beyond my time frame of reviewing, you’ll have to pay for expedited service. These reviews will be in line and stay on the site for the life of the site.

4. Press Releases, Trailers, News – I am open to any ideas that you might have. You can email what you have in mind. I do not post these things unless I'm paid, sorry. There's just too many out there and too many people asking.

The price for the above 4 options are negotiable. I will work with any sized budget that is out there. I’m not looking to get rich, but as it stands, I make minimum wage and work 50 – 70 hours just to get by. I would like to continue to do this site, but the costs are starting to creep up in life.

The Numbers

Scary Film Review receives the following numbers according to Google analytics:

10,673 Page Views a Month

83% Search Engine Traffic
10% Direct Traffic
6% Referring Sites

There are 583 Posts, with roughly 500+ horror movie reviews. The updates range from 3 times a week to 6 times a week depending on financial matters.

The rest balances out to other stuff.

The main page gets hit the most, and subsequent pages are hit and read often. The sidebar is seen on all pages, so if you get a link on page 1, you’ll be on every page.


If you’re interested in advertising on this page, you can email me at sirjorge at gmail dot com with your ideas.

Thank you.

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