Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rob Zombie’s Halloween Review

Rob Zombie’s Halloween on dvd

So Rob Zombie's Halloween remake might never end up on a top 10 horror movies list, or even in the top 5 of any list that I can think of right now, but that does not make this movie bad in any way, shape or form.

When the internet learned about this remake, people were furious, citing that the original film was going to be far superior to anything that Rob Zombie could possibly make. This of course was fueled by the internet, full of people that haven’t even seen the film.

I was excited.

I liked House of 1,000 Corpses, and felt that Rob Zombie had a good idea of how to make the Halloween franchise terrifying. Especially since the franchise had taken a lot of missteps through out the years, the last of which had Busta Rhymes co-starring. So it’s not like the franchise was doing very well to begin with.

This version of the original movie tells a more completed and in depth story of Michael Meyers. It starts out from childhood, and then blossoms into adulthood, where he completely terrorizes the hospital he’s in, appropriately showcasing a lot of bloodshed a long the way.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween1

At first, you start to almost feel bad for the youngster, but as soon as his buttons are pushed too far, it’s time for revenge, and you no longer feel bad whatsoever.

One thing I must commend Rob Zombie for, as if he’d read my review, is the fact that he stuck it out for an R rating upon its initial release. This is a great thing in my view, considering there are so many pg-13 fright films filling the dvd racks across the world. I’m tired of seeing rehashed Japanese horror films turned into teenage noise movies.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween2

There was a lot of gratuitous nudity, and that’s always a plus in my book. There was a lot of blood shed, and in the end we didn’t get all the answers, but enough answers to fulfill the required movie length and story.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween3

The movie is not the greatest film ever made, but I do believe it is on par with the original and even sequel in many ways, but while it is a remake, it does not pretend to erase the past. It evokes a certain emotional connection with the audience, then pulls you out of your careful steady pace into a frenetic scope of horror mastery. I liked this one, and while many people will be short sighted and refuse to believe that Rob Zombie’s vision was nothing more than a payola scandal, I’d be quick to argue that John Carpenter hasn’t exactly done a whole lot in recent times…and while it’s fine to rest on laurels, this isn’t exactly the greatest franchise in horror movie history.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween4

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Now here’s a trailer for Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

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