Sunday, May 11, 2008

House on Sorority Row Review

House on Sorority Row Cover

A group of sorority girls accidentaly shoot their dorm mother and dump her in a pool...while still alive.

Afterwards, she comes back to life....or does she?

This movie is weird, and a highlight of horror film making. They are going to remake this one so watch this before that goes down.

Some mild nudity, a few boobs, and lots of blood spilled later, we see a pattern develop among 80's movies involving young college age women, and vengeful adults.

This film is low budget, but it holds its own against a lot of slasher films of the early 80's. You'll definitely see the same plot of Friday the 13th in this one, and you'll wish you didn't eat lunch before this one, as there are some pretty gross sequences involving a makeshift ax.

One of the deaths involves an eye gouge which is awesome!

THis movie is low budget horror, with a great twist and open ending. The poster is cool too...check this one out for sure, before the remake is all people see.

All I can say is...head in the toilet...head in the toilet...sick.

You can pick up House on Sorority Row on dvd via many sources...but you might want to just leave it alone.

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