Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Ruins Review

The Ruins is the latest horror movie to hit movie theaters with not much of a promotional campaign behind it. I didn't really know of a lot of movies opening this weekend for it to compete with, but this movie was great for a few reasons...and not so great for a few reasons.

First and foremost this movie was Rated R! I know that some don't like movies to be rated R, but this was a great thing to me, because that would ensure at least some gore, and some nudity...I'm a sicko I guess.

A group of vacationing twenty-somethings decide to check out an excavation of some old Mayan ruins, when things go awry.

They are stuck on the ruins because the villagers believe it is haunted somehow, and it turns out that the weeds and vines are flesh eating. Along the way delirium sets in, and the friends begin to turn on each other and some start to die, some horrible deaths.

The gore scenes deal with cutting off a guy's legs, stabbing a guy in the heart, and cutting off chunks of human flesh and pull weeds and vines out of the human body. The vines resemble snakes more than anything vegetative and the movie takes some serious gross out turns.

Overall the film is slow moving, and hard to sit through. However, the actors are not half bad and do a great job of acting out the fear, and uncertainty that is evoked through the situation. You almost feel sorry for the characters because they behave exactly how vacationing people would, and not just stupidly cite one liners.

This film is worth the $5 I paid for it (thanks to AMC's $5 deal before noon) and while the premise seemed a little far fetched, it did have enough scary elements to stand up against other dark dwelling movies like: The Cave, The Descent, and creepier films of the same genre.

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