Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lost Boys 2 Trailer & Dvd Artwork

The Lost Boys, for many people, is a classic piece of 80's psuedo-horror cinema. Meanwhile, others are quick to note the laughable plot, storyline, and the two Corey's found in the film.

After many years, there is a sequel, and while the fight to get it onto the big screen was somewhat well documented, the movie ultimately gets the straight to dvd treatment.

here's the trailer for Lost Boys 2, featuring Mr. Feldman in a starring role, that not for the Sci-Fi channel.

It could be good, it could be bad...the cover art looks ok, and the trailer is halfway decent, but is the Vampire genre really in need of a straight to dvd film? Or can we get Christopher Lee in yet one more vampire flick before he kicks the bucket? We'll have to wait and see won't wee?

In the meantime the new Lost Boys movie should hit stores sooner than later.

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