Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eli Roth Announces Kids Movie

Eli Roth Directin pg-13 fare

Well, to a certain extent Eli Roth is making a movie for kids. You see, the last few Eli Roth films pushed the boundaries of where violence, gore, and sexuality could go. So what else is left for the guy?

A movie based around some sort of pandemic! If you're quick to say that Cabin Fever is already a pandemic based movies, then maybe you should consider a different kind of disaster. Like a natural disaster!

Eli Roth's films are awesome, I like his work. Cabin Fever is definitely my favorite of his films, but I don't believe that a pg-13 movie is going to save his dwindling career in the horror genre.

Why can't he just go on and make that "Thanksgiving" movie? Trailer is below:

Sure, Grindhouse had this awesome trailer, but it could turn into a major throwback of epic proportions! I mean he's already on board to make a sequel to Grindhouse of sorts, with 90 minutes of trailers! However, this project announcement is merely the beginnings of potential market share for other horror films to get greenlit.

Not that we need another pg-13 horror film.

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